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COVID-19 Information

Last updated: June 10, 2021

Last update: Provincial Summary

Mandatory Face Covering Bylaw # 1060/GEN/2020

At the September 15, 2020 council meeting, a face covering bylaw was passed for the Town of Fairview. This bylaw has as its trigger, an active case count of 25 in the MD of Fairview.

At this time, the trigger has not been reached therefore the bylaw provisions are NOT ACTIVE. If the bylaw provisions become active, people must wear a mask while inside, indoor public spaces and businesses must post the notice provided by the Town of Fairview at their enterance within public view. HOWEVER, the Alberta Provincial government has declared a State of Public Health Emergency. Therefore Effective Dec. 8, masks are mandatory in all indoor public places, places of worship, and indoor workplaces unless you qualify for an exception.

To view the current active cases click here, then scroll down to the map and click on the “Municipal District of Fairview No. 136” area. The number of active cases will be shown in a popup message.

Fairview Relaunch Plan


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Further face covering information

Information from the City of Grande Prairie

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Information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Federal Summary

Provincial Summary

Local Information


Please be reminded that playgrounds are available for use at your own risk and are not sanitized. In accordance with Alberta Health Services’ guidelines, physical distancing of two meters are to be observed. 
Please avoid touching surfaces such as benches, railings and fencing and follow all recommended health precautions including proper hand hygiene at the end of your visit. All park users should consider wearing a face mask when physical distancing measures are not possible. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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