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Animal Control

Fairview Animal & Bylaw Enforcement:


1079GEN2022 Enforcement and penalties – Amendment 2022
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Bylaw Complaint Form
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Dog Barking Complaint / Tracking Form
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1073/AC/2021 – Wildlife Feeding Bylaw
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    At-Large Animals

    In all cases of an at-large animal, you may call Enforcement Services to ask for direction or assistance. During business hours, the Administration Office phone number may also be used. Due to limited resources, an Officer is not always available. If the Officers are not available, a message may be left detailing the concern.

    Animals caught by officers may be collected from the animal shelter upon payment of all fines and fees. Officers are not authorized to release animals without payment. 

    The animal shelter is located in the Public Works compound on 108 Avenue, Fairview.  If your pet has gone missing please call the Administration Office during regular business hours, or Enforcement Services during off hours.

    If pets are not licensed, we have no means of identifying the owners. If an animal remains unclaimed after 7 days, it becomes available for adoption. If after the 8th day and no adoption has taken place, Bylaw Enforcement will consider non-local adoption options, regional animal shelter options or may be euthanized ( The Town of Fairview shall seek all possible adoption avenues before the decision to humanely euthanize is considered). Please help us keep pets out of the shelter!

    Pet Licensing

    • Any dog or cat over three months old must be licensed.
    • Animal Units as described in Bylaw 1077/AC/2022 require licensing and an initial Bylaw inspection report.
    • Licenses must be purchased annually, as they expire at the end of December.
    • Licenses are 50% off in the month of January.


    From time to time animals are left in the shelter when no other agency has room for them. When this occurs the Town attempts to find homes for our four-legged friends. Animal adoptions from the shelter are done through the Bylaw department. It is our main concern to find these animals a warm and safe place to stay, therefore, the town requires no payment to adopt the animal. Interested individuals or families who would like to adopt an animal from the Town may contact the Administration Office.

    Animals Currently in the Shelter

    Our Facebook group has pictures of the animals currently in the shelter.