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Urban Hen Pilot Project

  • Pilot Project Started: May 4, 2021
  • Pilot Project Ends: November 4, 2021 ****EXTENDED to: December 7, 2021

At the Council Meeting of May 4, 2021, Council approved a bylaw to start an Urban Hen Pilot project. This project will allow five residents to keep between three and six hens on their property. If you are interested in joining this pilot project, please verify that you can meet all the requirements, then fill out an application and submit it.

Urban Hen Keeping course

One of the requirements of the bylaw is to complete an approved Urban Hen Keeping course. At this time, the only approved course is taught by River City Chickens. Please click the link for more information and course dates.

More Information

1065/AC/2021 – Urban Hen Pilot Project
Urban Hen Pilot Project Application