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COVID-19 Business Support Grant

The Fairview Town Council and Economic Development Committee are offering Town of Fairview businesses financial support for those affected by the mandatory provincial government public health measures implemented December 13, 2020.  This support funding is offered to a maximum of $5000.00 per business (*restrictions apply) and a total grant funding maximum of $75,000.00.
The council and committee recognize the tremendous impacts of the mandatory measures implemented and have created the COVID-19 Business Support Grant.  This grant is open for application to all businesses within the Town of Fairview who were ordered to close or proportionately close services to the public as of December 13, 2020.

Council wishes to Thank businesses for continuing to provide your clients with your valuable services. During these difficult times we are humbled by this communities continued efforts to keep Fairview thriving and on behalf of the Fairview Town Council and Economic Development Committee we want to extend our appreciation.

Water Break – 101 Ave | 4 way Stop |

The main line water break at the 4 way stop on 101 ave has resulted in low to no water pressure throughout majority of Fairview. This area will be isolated and the water service will be shut off to the 101 ave | 110 st through to 113 st|

Service interruption to this isolated area will be expected for a minimum of 48 hours and updates to the repair progress will be posted on social media accounts and on this websites advisories banner.

Residents throughout Fairview will experience low pressure until the shut off begins and the water pressure throughout town lines is established.

Please contact the Fairview Town office if you have any concerns 780-835-5461

Urban Hen Bylaw

Council of the Town of Fairview passed first reading of Bylaw 1065/AC/2021 at the regular council meeting of March 2, 2021. This bylaw would allow residents to apply for a license to keep hens on their property within the town. Council would like to hear back from residents regarding your thoughts on the provisions of the bylaw.

First reading of a bylaw means that Council is considering the provisions contained in the bylaw, but has not formally made it law yet. A second and third reading (which can be performed at the same meeting) must be held sometime in the future to formally enact the document as law. Prior to or at the time of second and third readings, Council may make changes to the provisions of the bylaw.

Please review the bylaw and send your written comments to, by mail to Director of Legislative Services, Box 730, Fairview, AB, T0H 1L0, or drop them off at the Administration Office at 10209-109 Street (Provincial Building), Fairview, AB.


1065/AC/2021 Urban Hen DRAFT