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Residents and visitors of the Town of Fairview,

We are excited to inform you that the Town of Fairview Public Works crews and Contractors will be undertaking various construction projects throughout our community. These projects are designed to enhance and improve our town’s infrastructure, ensuring that we can continue to provide you with the superior level of service that Fairview is known for.

However, we understand that construction projects can sometimes cause inconveniences. Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience and cooperation during this time.

Traffic Interruptions and Safety Measures

As these construction projects progress, it is important to note that they may require occasional traffic interruptions. To ensure the safety of our workers and residents, barricades and safety signage may be placed in strategic locations. These measures serve to protect everyone involved and help maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

We kindly request that you obey all safety instructions and detour signs that may be in place. Your cooperation will not only ensure the safety of all individuals, but also contribute to the efficiency of the construction projects.

Your Safety is Our Priority

At the Town of Fairview, we prioritize the safety of our residents and workers above all else. Therefore, we urge you to exercise caution when navigating through areas where construction is taking place. Avoid speeding, stay alert, and follow any instructions given by construction personnel.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction projects, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Public Works department. We are here to address any queries you may have and provide you with the necessary information.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding, patience, and cooperation while we complete these essential projects. By working together, we can ensure that Fairview remains a safe and thriving community.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support.

Hwy 732 Cross walk at 113 Ave.New constructionJuly 24- October 30
110 St from 101-106 Ave Sewer line, sanitary inspection,
and Sidewalk Repairs
July 24 – Aug 21
103 Ave. from 109 St -111 StSewer line InspectionJuly 24 – Aug 21
102 Ave in front of ATBStrom water replacementJuly 24 – Aug 21
103 Ave & 111 StRoad RepairJuly 24 – Aug 21
104 Ave & 111 StRoad RepairJuly 24 – Aug 21
101 Ave from 100-109 StDitch Work  &  Curb repair July 24 – Aug 21
103 Ave from 107-109 StRoad Repair July 24 – Aug 21
105 Ave from 109-107 StRoad RepairJuly 24 – Aug 21
106 Ave from 109 -110 StSidewalk RepairJuly 24 – Aug 30
108 Ave from 108-109 StCurb Repair July 24 – Aug 30
108 Ave & 112 StCurb Repair July 24 – Aug 30
117 St & 105 Ave Road RepairJuly 24 – Aug 30
102 Ave from 114 – 116 St   Road Repair July 24 – Aug 30
104 Ave from 110-111 StRoad Repair July 24 – Aug 30
115 St from 105-103 AveRoad RepairJuly 24 – Aug 30
102 Ave & 11804 Road RepairJuly 24 – Aug 30
Water Loading Station Sidewalk RepairJuly 24 – Oct 30
Canadian Fiber 
(throughout the Town of Fairview)
Installation of InfrastructureCompleted by Oct 30 approx.