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Boil Water Advisory Issued – NOW LIFTED

Due to the failure of equipment responsible for chlorinating our water, inadequate chlorine disinfection may result. A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for water from the Fairview Water Treatment plant. This includes all water users within the Town of Fairview, the Hamlet of Bluesky, the Fairview Water Co-op and the truck fill stations in Fairview and Bluesky.

UPDATE: Once repairs are completed, a water sample is sent for testing and then AHS must authorize the lifting of the advisory. We are currently estimating that the advisory should be lifted by Wednesday.

UPDATE 09-Aug-2020 5:00 PM: Repairs were completed shortly after the problem was detected and many tests have been run by our Public Works staff throughout the town to test the chlorine levels in the water, which appear to be acceptable. However, due to an abundance of caution, it was determined by the appropriate officials to declare a precautionary boil water advisory. Due to couriers and testing facilities not being open today, it is expected that the advisory will remain on until Wednesday. Please continue to follow all advisory information until such time that the advisory is lifted.

UPDATE 12-Aug-2020 9:30 AM: We have been notified that the timeline for testing and removal of the advisory has been extended to tomorrow (Thursday, 13-Aug-2020). We will continue to notify on this page as we receive more information. Please continue to follow all advisory information until such time that the advisory is lifted by AHS.

UPDATE 13-Aug-2020 2:00 PM: We are still awaiting confirmation of the test results and the advisory to be lifted by AHS. Our staff are doing all they can to encourage all third parties to expedite the procedures.

UPDATE 14-Aug-2020 3:10 PM: We have received notification from AHS that the boil water advisory has now been lifted.

Please check the following links for more information and instructions:

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