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Business Directory and Licensing


For the months of January to April 2019, Council has decided to offer all home-based businesses a discount off the regular business licensing fee as an incentive. This means that for the first four months of next year if you renew your license or obtain a license for the first time, the license will be only $50. Early next year, a business directory will be launched helping to advertise businesses in our area. The Economic Development Committee is also very interested in helping promote and grow local businesses.


Why do I need to license my business?

Firstly, it is the law. Anyone operating any type of business from their home must have a business license. But it also affords you other benefits. The Town Office frequently gets calls from people looking for a certain type of business in Town. If you are not licensed, we are unable to give them information about your business. As well, when the Town requires work performed or products purchased, we are only able to deal with licensed businesses.

The Town, in cooperation with the Fairview and District Chamber of Commerce and Fealty Ltd, is developing a comprehensive business directory for the area. Paying the licensing fee ensures that you will be included in this business directory. Feel free to have a look at the Business Directory work in progress here.

Licensing is also important so that we know what types and how many businesses are operating in our community as it can help us direct funds to advertising efforts or other initiatives.


What do I need to license my business?

Simply fill out the business license application. This lets us know a little bit about your business, like how to contact you. Once that is filled out, simply drop it off at the office.



The regular price for a home-based business license is $75 per year. This works out to $6.25 a month or about 20 cents a day. The licensing fee is also a business expense.