Election to be held Feb 25, 2019

Notice is hereby given that an election will be held for the filling of the following office:

Office: Councillor
Number of vacancies: 2

A vote will take place on the 25th day of February 2019, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

Voting stations will be located at Town of Fairview Council Chambers, #101, 10209-109 Street, Provincial Building,
Fairview, Alberta.

In order to vote, you must produce identification for inspection. The identification must show your name and
address and can be

  • Canadian government photo ID
  • bank/credit card statement or personal cheque
  • correspondence issued by a school, college or university
  • government cheque or cheque stub
  • income/property tax assessment notice
  • an insurance policy or coverage card
  • letter from a public curator, public guardian or public trustee
  • pension plan statement of benefits, contributions or participation
  • residential lease or mortgage statement
  • statement of government benefits
  • utility bill
  • vehicle ownership, registration or insurance certificate
  • a letter or form (attestation) confirming that you live at the stated address

For more information on voter ID requirements, please see the Voter ID Poster below.