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New Community Standards Bylaw

At the October 2 meeting of council, two new bylaws regarding bylaw enforcement were passed. The first bylaw standardizes the enforcement of bylaws and the procedures followed when a bylaw infraction is reported or observed. It also shows the penalties for all applicable bylaws.

The second bylaw is the new Community Standards bylaw. Formerly, this was known as the Nuisance bylaw. Some of the highlights of changes to this bylaw include:

  • Changed the start time of quiet hours from 11 pm to 10 pm.
  • Added information about leaving garbage bins out on the street.
  • Added information about composting.
  • Updated the entire Noise section to include specific limits on noise and more information around what is considered to be unacceptable noise.
  • Move information from the Sidewalk Snow bylaw into this bylaw.
  • Added information about outdoor lights (typically security lights) shining into other buildings.