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Northern Lights Fiber Installation

Hey Fairview! Construction of our super fast fiber internet network is coming! As we work to bring infrastructure that will (literally!) last generations in Fairview, there is a lot that will be going on!

You will see flags and maybe paint in your back alleyways, front yards, and on your property that shows where existing utilities are located. Please leave flags and paint where they are so our construction teams knows where and where not to build. We need permission from you, the home owner, to build a drop to your home and make sure we don’t hit irrigation or invisible dog fences so we won’t build in your property without your approval first.

We’ve written out on our blog here what to expect in the coming months as we work to close the digital divide in Fairview. From construction on your street, to your home, and remediation along the way. Check it out here on our blog HERE

Sign your Access Agreement today and let’s get Fairview on Fast Fiber