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Exciting Announcement: Peace County Made Company is Unleashing the Power of Fiber Optic Internet in Fairview

We are thrilled to announce Canadian Fiber Optics is making a major investment in a cutting-edge fiber optic network that will revolutionize Fairview. This Peace County made company, has been investing in new telecommunications infrastructure across the region and Northern Lights Fiber (our internet providing arm) is providing lightning fast internet with no data caps and, customized connectivity solutions for businesses.

Construction will begin mid July and will be complete end of 2023. 

Rural Canada’s fastest internet will be available in September but check out our service offering and sign up at for free installation.

We want to provide you with some important details:

1. Lightning-Fast and reliable Internet: Say goodbye to slow speeds after school and on the weekends! The fiber optic network will provide ultra-fast, reliable internet, ensuring seamless streaming, rapid downloads, uploads, and uninterrupted video conferencing.

2. Enhanced Communication: Experience crystal-clear conversations with no lag or disruptions. This network will bring us closer together, enabling seamless communication through video calls, voice chats, and messaging platforms.

3. Empowered Education: Students will be at the forefront of progress. The fiber optic network will provide students and teachers with cutting-edge digital tools, online resources, and immersive learning experiences when doing homework and prep at home.

4. Business Growth: Unlocking opportunities for local businesses, the fiber optic network offers faster data transfer, efficient cloud services, and secure connectivity. It will attract new enterprises, empower startups, and enable remote work opportunities.

Please note as Canadian Fiber Optics builds this new underground infrastructure, there will be noise and some temporary disturbance. Rest assured, our dedicated crew will do their utmost to minimize any inconvenience caused.

This investment propels us into a connected future of innovation and prosperity. Together, let’s embrace this exciting journey!

Sign up early for free installation:

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