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Utility Bylaw Changes

A new utility bylaw has passed first reading. This new bylaw contains significant changes to the landlord/tenant relationship with the Town. Highlights of the bylaw changes are as follows:

  • Utility services will now only be provided in the name of the property owner. Existing accounts that are in the name of a tenant will be maintained as is, as long as they remain in good standing.
  • A property owner may request a copy of their bill to be sent to someone else (such as a property manager or a tenant). There will be a monthly charge of $2 / month if this is to be a printed copy.
  • Tenants will no longer be charged a utility account deposit.
  • When water bills become significantly overdue (three months) the water will no longer be shut off. The outstanding amount will be added to taxes and the water service will continue.
  • Property owners may still request that the water service to their property be shut off.

Please note that as this bylaw has only passed first reading, it is not in effect yet. For any concerns or comments regarding these changes please contact our office to let us know.