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Crime Prevention by Environmental Design (CPTED) videos the RCMP-GRC has produced for public education. The CPTED videos explores different CPTED principles on how to better protect their properties.

9pm Property Checklist

Fairview RCMP

The purpose of this checklist is to assist you in better securing your property and personal belongings that you’ve worked so hard for. 9 O’clock in the evening was selected, because this is typically when people are beginning to end their day. Including this list in your evening routine will not only help you secure your personal belongings, but also to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Included within this list are preventative measures that can be implemented around your house and property to better deter would-be criminals. We sincerely appreciate any and all reports of suspicious activity in our shared communities. Please do not hesitate to phone police, should there be any suspicious activity.


Starting along the outer perimeter of your property ensure that any and all gates are secured. Also maintenance of a proper fence can help to deter any potential criminals due to the added obstacle separating them from your property.


On from there, any vehicles that are in your drive way should be locked and all sets of keys should be left in the house and not in the vehicle itself. All valuables and personal belongings should be placed out of sight or better yet, removed from the vehicle all together. A vast majority of vehicle thefts occur because the vehicle was either unlocked, the keys were left in said vehicle, or both.


Any and all secondary housing units such as sheds should be secured as well. Vehicles parked inside your garage should also be locked and have no keys or valuables left inside.


Ensure that your motion sensor lighting systems are working as intended. Light is a valuable deterrent because criminals will typically associate lighting with cameras.  


Our homes are where we should feel most safe and secure. Ensuring that all windows and doors are properly locked will help ensure your home feels safe and secured.


Alarm systems are a great way to deter criminals and add an extra layer of protection. Before going to bed or leaving the house ensure that your alarm system is engaged. That way police can be notified right away before the home owner might even know.

If possible; Invest in and maintain a high quality functioning camera system placed around your house. Cameras can aid police in identifying any unwelcome guests. Surveillance footage can be vital to police investigation as it aids in identifying potential suspects.


The following are further steps that can help ensure your property is protected

  • Any work tools can be engraved with a design or unique word to make them easier to identify as yours should they be stolen.
  • Keeping a record of serial numbers for various possessions can help in situations where property is stolen. Police can add items with their respective serial numbers to a tracking system which will help identify said items as stolen. Also ensure that all firearms are properly stored.
  • Before going on vacation inform a neighbour or family member you trust and have them keep an eye on your property in your absence. Taking photos of every room before leaving will also help ensure that everything is in its proper place upon your return. Also, make sure your alarm system is active.

No one should ever have to worry about their personal possessions or property. Taking proper steps to ensure that everything is secure and in its proper place will help in alleviating some of the concerns that come as home owners.

As stated previously we sincerely appreciate any and all reports of suspicious activity in our shared communities.