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Swimming Lessons & Programs

Book your swim time by contacting pool reception at 780-835-2812 ext. 3 and ensure to complete the COVID-19 Prescreen before entering the building and have your email QR Code ready for scanning

No lessons will be held on Statutory Holidays. Any lessons that would have a lesson date normally fall on a holiday will be prorated.


Aqua Size
Aqua Size is a true full body workout; not only your heart and muscles benefit but by using the properties of water it's also fantastic for your internal organs. Participants leave class feeling refreshed rather than exhausted.

Aqua Size - Fit & 50+
For adults 50 years of age & up with an interest in keeping fit and feeling great. Aqua size is a more forgiving form of exercise with little or no stress on the joints. It's fun too!

Seniors / High Risk Individuals
A designated time for Seniors and High Risk Individuals only. Providing a quiet time to swim, water walk and/or jog, and not have to worry about contact with crowds.

Swimming Lessons

Registration Opens Tuesday October 13th, 2020 9:30 am. Call the Fairview Aquatic Centre 780-835-2812 ext. 3

Swimming Lesson Guidelines & Expectations

·        All swim lessons are by pre-registration only
·        Payment must be received at the time of registration to book your spot
·        Due to Covid-19 Red Cross requires all Preschool (age 3-5yr) & Level 1/2/3 (age 5-7yr) participants to have a responsible adult age 18+ in the water and with the child throughout the class.  Levels 4-10 do not require an adult in the water
·        An access authorized Covid-19 assessment is required for both the participant and the adult.  If they both reside in the same residence only one form is required if the answers for both are all the same
·        Access authorized Covid-19 assessment is required for every lesson attended
·        Swimmers who arrive for lessons without an adult to accompany them in the water will not be allowed to participate
·        Participants in swim lessons who do not live in the same household must maintain 2m physical distancing in the water
·        Instructors are required to remain on the deck wearing a face shield unless doing a quick in-water demonstration
·        No spectators allowed in the viewing area

Parent & Tot (6 months-3yrs.) | 6 classes

This is a parent & baby/tot combination class.  Parents learn how to enjoy the water with their child / children; learn how to relax & be comfortable in the water. 
2:00-2:30pm will be with an instructor
2:30-3pm will be free time to play with your child 😊                                                                                                                                    
 Cost: $28.00  |     Thursdays, October 22 - November 26 |    Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Preschool (3-5 yrs.)   
**Now requires an adult in the water**

October 21 – December 9 (7 classes - No class on Wednesday, November 11) 
Cost: $32.50  |  Class #1    3:30-4:00pm  |  Class #3    4:50-5:20pm  |  Class #2    4:10-4:40pm  |  Class #4    5:30-6:00pm

October 24 – December 12 (8 classes)                                             
Cost: $37.00 | Time: 10:45am-11:15am

Level 1/2/3 (age 5-7 yrs.) 
**Now requires an adult in the water**

October 22- December 10 (8 classes)
Cost: $37.00 |  Class #1     3:30-4:00pm |  Class #2     4:10-4:40pm

October 24 – December 12 (8 classes)
Cost: $37.00 | Time: 10:00-10:30am

Level 4/5/6 (age 8+)

October 22 - December 10 (8 classes)
Cost: $43.00 | Time: 4:50-5:35pm

Level 7/8/9/10 (age 8+)

October 22-December 10 (8 classes)
Cost: $43.00 | Time: 5:45-6:30pm

Junior Lifesavers Club

| No JLC currently scheduled |


A program for youth offering injury prevention education, water safety skills and basic Lifesaver knowledge in a positive environment. Backed with lots of ways to have fun, stay fit and be active in the water. *Based on Red Cross Youth Swim and Sports program.

Prerequisite: Age 10+ Must be competent swimmer and comfortable in deep end

Important Notice

Program times, dates & details are subject to change without notice. For up to date information on any pool classes or programs, please phone Pool Reception.

Private & Special Needs Lessons

Private lessons are available based on staffing availability at time of request. Private lessons are intended to assist with stroke improvement. One-on-one instruction can also help with individuals who are "scared stiff". Please note that private lessons do not replace or fast track our regularly scheduled "Red Cross" lessons. Call pool reception to register.

We are an all-inclusive facility!

We offer individualized lessons to persons with special needs. Please call reception to arrange for a consultation.

Lifeguard Courses

Bronze Medallion

Prerequisite: 13 years of age & competent swimmer

Program includes a timed swim of 20 lengths in 15 minutes or less COSTS - $130.00 (includes price of book & GST) |

Bronze Cross

Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion

Program includes a timed swim of 24 lengths in 18 minutes or less. | COSTS - $130.00 (includes GST) additional $40.00 if you require the book |

Standard First Aid

No prerequisite, OHS Government recognized certification included CPR-C & AED

NLS - National Lifeguard Service Award:

Prerequisite: Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid & Age 16+