Corporate Sponsorship

Town of Fairview Community Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome to the Town of Fairview! We are excited to offer various sponsorship opportunities that allow businesses and organizations to actively engage with our vibrant community. By becoming a sponsor, your company can gain exposure, build brand recognition, and support local initiatives that make a positive impact on our residents.

Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring community events and programs are a fantastic way to connect with our residents and showcase your commitment to their well-being. By aligning your brand with the Town of Fairview, you can demonstrate your dedication to our community while enjoying the benefits that come with being a sponsor.

Benefits of Sponsorship

As a sponsor, your logo and brand will be prominently displayed at our events, programs, and promotional materials. This increased visibility will help you reach a wider audience and potential customers.

By associating your business with our community, you can enhance brand recognition and create a positive image among our residents. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer trust.

Our sponsorship events provide excellent networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with other business owners, community leaders, and potential partners. These connections can open doors for collaborations and future business opportunities.

Sponsoring local events and programs demonstrates your commitment to the Town of Fairview and its residents. It shows that you are invested in the community's well-being and are actively contributing to its growth and development.

Sponsoring community initiatives help build a positive reputation for your business. It showcases your corporate social responsibility and commitment to making a difference in the lives of our residents.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Town of Fairview offers a range of sponsorship opportunities to suit different budgets and objectives. Whether you are looking to sponsor a specific event, program, or ongoing initiative, we have options available to meet your needs. Some of our popular sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Aquatic Centre Activity Room
  • Summer’s End Festival Platinum Recognition
  • Canada Day
  • In & Around Fairview Community Guide
  • website
Bronze$250 - $499

Posters, Sandwich board at event

Silver$500 - $999

Posters, Fairview Post, Stage (small)

Gold$1000 - $1999

Posters, Fairview Post, Stage (medium)

Platinum$2000 - $2999

Posters, Fairview Post, Bleachers (large)


All of the Above, plus Partners Tent and Radio

($2000 value)
($1000 value)
($750 value)
($750 value)

Summers End Festival - Platinum Recognition

Canada Day - Major Sponsor

Activity Room - Full

• Website: Homepage as "Partners in providing quality recreation and events" with company logo

• Community Guide: 1/4 page in the following edition after receiving funds

Summers End Festival - Partner Recognition ($3000 value )
Canada Day - Major Sponsor ($1000 value )
Activity Room - Full size 12ft ($750 value )
• Electronic Sign – Company logo and info, 5 second spot added to cycle

• Website – On home page as “Partners in providing quality recreation and events” with the company logo

• Arena Lobby – South wall 2x3 sign listing company, the services provided and contact information. Titled: “Town Partner in providing Quality recreation and Events”

• Community Guide – ½ page in the following edition after receiving funds
($4250 value )

Large font on promotional materials


Medium font on promotional materials


Small font on promotional materials

$250 or less
Promotional Materials: Advertising posters, Fairview Post, and sponsorship is displayed on the stage.

Our sponsorship packages are customizable, allowing you to select the level of involvement and benefits that align with your business goals. We are committed to working closely with our sponsors to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like more information about our sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to our Community Services Department. We would be delighted to discuss how we can create a tailored sponsorship package that meets your objectives and showcases your commitment to the Town of Fairview.

Thank you for considering sponsorship with the Town of Fairview. Together, we can make a difference in our community!