Emergency Services

Public Safety within the Municipality is provided by Fire services, RCMP, Victim Services, EMS, Emergency Preparedness, and Bylaw.

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Seconds Count...

We would like to remind all residents to ensure your house numbers are clearly visible from the road in order to assist Emergency Responders with finding your home promptly in emergency situations.

Emergency responders cannot find you when the seconds count if your house number isnot clearly displayed, visible from the street and visible at night. This could cost you precious time in an emergency!

To ensure your addressing is correct reference your Utility bill or your Tax information.

Fire Department

Fire services are responsible for responding to various types of emergencies such as fires, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters, and rescues within the Town of Fairview and the M.D. of Fairview No. 136.

Their primary objective is to protect life and property by controlling, preventing, and extinguishing fires. The fire services also conduct fire prevention inspections to identify and eliminate potential fire hazards in buildings and other structures.

They educate the public on fire safety and prepare emergency response plans for their communities. In addition, fire personnel may offer non-emergency services like assisting elderly citizens, providing mutual aid to neighboring jurisdictions, and monitoring fire alarms.

Are you interested in becoming a member? Apply today! Send your completed application to firechief@fairview.ca

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Current Information

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Box 730 Fairview, AB T0H 1L0
Matt Clarke
Phil Dechant

For emergency calls please dial 9-1-1.

For non-emergency calls and inquiries call the Town Office
at (780) 835-5461.


The RCMP provides law enforcement services to the Municipality, including criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, and community policing.


The Alberta RCMP are excited to announce our voluntary surveillance camera registry program, called CAPTURE (Community Assisted Policing Through the Use of Recorded Evidence). Residents and businesses who have video surveillance, and are willing to share video camera footage when requested, can sign up. This initiative won’t replace officers from knocking on doors, but it will help officers track down video evidence in ongoing criminal investigations in RCMP jurisdictions. This strategy is another way the Alberta RCMP are working with our communities to help solve crime faster, together. By providing video footage to police during an investigation, communities increase the chance of a successful prosecution.


Fairview RCMP encourages residents to sign up for the Rave Mobile Safety mass notification system as an additional tool to be used in crime prevention and community safety. Rave alerts provide Albertans with real-time, trusted information around public safety and crime prevention. Users register online and then select the region or regions they wish to receive alerts for, as well as the type of information they want to receive. They can then decide how they would like to receive alerts, whether it be via phone call, SMS text message, or email.


Current Information

Provides information to local crimes within the Fairview and surrounding area. The Report a Tip feature is available through this site for residents to access.

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Box 610 Fairview, AB T0H 1L0

Emergency Medical Services

EMS provides emergency medical response services in the Municipality, including ambulance services, and emergency medical transport.

Providing ambulance services for Fairview and the surrounding area as far as the North West B.C. border, South to the Dunvegan Bridge over the Peace River, East to the edge of the Municipal District of Fairview, Worsley, and Cleardale.

Current Information

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Fairview Health Complex
10628 110 St, Fairview, AB T0H 1L0
Bag 2201,
Fairview, AB T0H 1L0

For non-emergency calls and inquiries call
the Fairview Health Complex (780) 835-6100.