Snow Removal

Public Works provides snow removal Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In the event of major storms, snow control services may run outside of those hours, and may be supplemented by private-sector equipment.

During normal operations, Public Works will focus on clearing major roads and arterials first, followed by secondary roads, and then residential areas. In the event of major storms, priority will be given to emergency and priority routes.

Residents are also asked to remove parked cars from the streets during snow removal operations to aid in the plowing and salting of the roads. Information about snow routes and parking restrictions can be found on the city's website and social media channels.

Public Works recommends that residents stay updated on weather forecasts and plan, accordingly, including allowing extra time for travel and preparing their vehicles with appropriate tires and emergency supplies.

Front end loader moving snow

Plow Schedule

Priority 1

Main arteries: 101, 103, 105 and 108 Avenues. These are considered emergency routes.

Priority 2

102 Avenue between 109 and 111 Streets. Snow will be windrowed and removed immediately (due to the new angle parking on the north side), after which Main Street will be windrowed. (Wednesdays)

Priority 3

Hill Roads: 100, 103, 106, 107, 108, 109, 111, 112, 115, 116 Streets

Priority 4

102, 104, 106, 107, 109 and 113 Avenues

Priority 5

Residential Areas: Beaver Ridge, Bickel Heights, Dunvegan Park, Burkholder Subdivision, North View Estates, Country View Estates, and the remainder of the downtown area.

Public Works makes every effort to work effectively and in a timely manner with snow removal. As we have all experienced those times of heavy snowfall in Fairview, it may take crews longer than normal to reach your area. If you require immediate service due to an emergency please complete the online Report an Issue and select Snow Removal from the Service Request Category drop-down.

Snow Piling & Hauling

Wind-rowed snow on Main Street, 103, 104 and 105 Avenues will be hauled after completion of the above priorities, along with 101 and 102 Streets. Time and budget permitting, snow piles will be hauled away from corners to increase visibility for motorists. In the event of another snowfall in excess of 10 cm during the snow removal process, operations will be interrupted to return to the priority list. In the event of a very large snowfall, snow may be piled on both sides of the street and the removal schedule will be at the direction of the Director of Public Works or designate.

Machine Safety

The town of Fairview Public Works would like to remind our residents of a few safety precautions and considerations:

  • Snow removal will follow the Priority Schedule as listed.
  • Public Works equipment requires a minimum of 15m safety radius. Do not walk or drive too closely to working equipment. This is not a joke, nor a caution to be ignored.
  • Please display patience with our snow removal crews, driving too close and honking the vehicle horn will distract our workers who want to ensure extreme safety precautions are exhibited for all our residents.

Curb Grates, Sprinkler Systems, Retaining Walls

The Town will not be responsible for damage done to retaining walls, sprinkler systems, rubber mats, curb grates, or any other items at or near the driveway, curb, or boulevard.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Residential Sidewalks

Owners of properties located within Residential zones must remove snow and ice from public sidewalks bordering their property within 48 hours of snowfall.

The Town of Fairview provides residential sidewalk snow clearing and ice control, however, residents are still encouraged to remove snow within 48 hours of a snowfall if machines have not been by. This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians and to keep sidewalks accessible. It is the responsibility of property owners to clear sidewalks adjacent to their property. Additionally, residents are reminded to use caution when walking on sidewalks during winter months as ice may still be present even after clearing efforts have been made.

Business Sidewalks

Owners of properties located within Commercial zones are reminded that snow on the sidewalks of the property must be removed within 24 hours of each snowfall.