Administrative Appointments

CAODaryl Greenhill

External Council Committees

The Airport Advisory Committee is a joint committee between the M.D. of Fairview #136, Town of Fairview, Clear Hills County, Village of Hines Creek, Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA). This committee makes recommendations to Council of the M.D. of Fairview regarding the management and operation of the Fairview Municipal Airport.

Meeting Frequency: As required

The Emergency Management Committee is responsible for regularly reviewing the Municipal Emergency Plan and all other related documents and advising Council on the status of the Municipal Emergency Plan and all other related documents at least once each year.

Meeting Frequency: Annual / As required

The Fairview Economic Development committee's goals are to promote and enhance economic development opportunities within the Town of Fairview and to create a strong relationship with Northwestern Polytechnic (NWP) and Fairview & District Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting Frequency: Third (3rd) Wednesday Monthly

The FCSS Advisory Committee meets to discuss applications for FCSS grants and makes decisions on which groups receive grant money.

Meeting Frequency: Biannually

The ICF committee is a means to facilitate cooperation between our neighbouring municipalities to ensure municipal services are provided to residents efficiently and cost-effectively.  As part of the updated Municipal Government Act (MGA), Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks are required for municipalities that share a border.

Meeting Frequency: As required

The HPEC promotes, expands, and enhances healthcare professional recruitment and retention within the North Peace area.

The Medical Clinic Operating Society manages the Medical Clinic building. This includes, among other administrative tasks, setting the lease rates, arranging for repairs, and ensuring maintenance of the building is completed.

Meeting Frequency: At call of the Chair

In the Land Use bylaw, there are several discretionary items. The Municipal Planning Commission meets to discuss development applications that contain discretionary items and make the decision to approve or deny the application.

Meeting Frequency: As required

The EE Oliver gymnasium is used as a community hall for the Town of Fairview and M.D. of Fairview. This committee is responsible for oversight and management of the shared use of the facility.

Meeting Frequency: Annual / As required

Meeting Frequency: As required

The subdivision and development appeal board accepts appeals from individuals affected by a subdivision or development decision.

Currently, the following municipalities are members of the board. Each municipality appoints at least one member at large to sit on the board. Berwyn|Clear Hills County| County of Northern Lights| Donnelly| Fairview| Falher| Girouxville| Grimshaw| Hines Creek| McLennan| M.D. of Peace| M.D. of Fairview| Nampa| Northern Sunrise County| Manning| Peace River.  Most municipalities also have a clerk appointed to the board.

Meeting Frequency: As required / organized by MMSA

The Policy & Bylaw Review Board is responsible for reviewing and completing edits to Administrative Policies and Municipal Bylaws before the completed documents are presented to Council for consideration.

Meeting Frequency: As required

Internal Council Committees

The Fairview Public Library Board  has the members direct operations of the Fairview Public Library, including financial, fund-raising, and programming decisions.

The Peace Library System board comprises all the member municipalities in the Peace Library System. They direct operations of the Peace Library System which supplies library services and a book lending system to all the members.

Meeting Frequency: Third (3rd) Thursday Monthly

The Fine Arts Building Meeting is responsible for ensuring the efficient and orderly operation of the Fine Arts Building.

Meeting Frequency: Annually

The Mighty Peace Tourist Association is based in Grimshaw and helps to promote tourism and related industries in the Peace Region. Municipalities pay a fee to become a member and be included in advertising and event planning. Member municipalities are invited to regular meetings to discuss upcoming events and initiatives.

Meeting Frequency: Fifth Monday

The Liaison is responsible for maintaining a relationship with GPRC. They are the first contact to attend meetings with GPRC and events such as convocations.

Meeting Frequency: At call of the Chair

The NWP Advisory Council meets with the intention of an informal discussion of the relationship between the Town and the NWP Fairview Campus to bolster an environment of cooperation and successful programming and integration of students in the Town atmosphere.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly

The North Peace Housing Foundation is a housing management body established by Ministerial Order under the Alberta Housing Act. They provide housing for seniors, low-income families, and other identified groups.

Meeting Frequency: First (1st) Wednesday Monthly

The commission sets overall direction and budgeting for the landfill.

Meeting Frequency: At call of the Chair

This group meets to discuss PREDA initiatives. As the Town of Fairview is a member of PREDA, Council is invited to the meetings to be apprised of PREDA goals and initiatives.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly