Development Incentives

Town of Fairview Development Incentive Programs

The Town of Fairview provides Incentive Programs aimed at promoting growth and development within the community. These programs intend to provide incentives and support to commercial developers who are investing in the future of Fairview and residential improvements.

Benefits of the Development Incentive Program

By participating in the Development Incentive Programs, developers can reap numerous benefits that will contribute to the success of their projects. Programs offered cover the following incentives:

  • Financial Incentives: The program offers a range of financial incentives, such as tax credits, and grants, to help offset the costs of development. These incentives can significantly reduce the financial burden on developers and make their projects more economically viable.
  • Incentive for Removal of Derelict Residential Buildings: The program offers a financial incentive to property owners to help with some costs incurred in the demolition of a dwelling that falls under one of several conditions.
  • Business Façade Improvement Program: This program is aimed to provide financial incentives for a commercial business to improve the façade of a building within the Heart of the Peace Shopping District.

Eligibility and Application Process

The Development Incentive Programs are open to commercial developers who are planning projects within the Town of Fairview and residential properties that are new and/or increase the pre-improved tax assessment value by 50% with new construction.

The application process is straightforward and transparent. Developers are encouraged to meet with our Development Officer to begin the Development Incentive application process for submission to the Town of Fairview Council for final approval.

Once approved, developers will be notified and provided with the necessary paperwork to access the incentives offered under the program. The Town of Fairview aims to ensure a smooth and efficient process to support developers in their endeavors.

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