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CANCELLED – 113 St Emergency Detour

HWY 732 DETOUR— All North and South bound traffic is detoured from the intersections of 105 Ave and 113 St and 101 Ave and 113 St:

North Traffic:  105 Ave West of 113 St to the HWY 64A junction

South Traffic:  Left off HWY 2 on to HWY 64 A to Township Rd 815B through to 105 Ave

Detour Expected to be in effect from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

Please obey all posted signage and barricades

FIRE RESTRICTION: Effective May 26, 2023

The Town of Fairview Fire Ban has now been downgraded to a FIRE RESTRICTION.

Under this restriction:

✅ Cooking and heating appliances such as charcoal briquette barbecues, recreational fire pits, and patio heaters fueled by liquid fuel such a propane or natural gas are permitted.

✅Outdoor fire pits are permitted only in approved firepits.

❎ No Fire Permits will be issued

❎ The discharge of fireworks is strictly prohibited

Never leave a campfire unattended. Soak it, stir it and soak it again until cool to the touch to ensure it is extinguished.

The Fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve. For more information see:

Town of Fairview & MD of Fairview No. 136 Wildfire

UPDATE – May 7, 2023 at 1:45 p.m. Town of Fairview Fire: Extinguished – The Evacuation Order and Evacuation Alert issued for residents in the Town of Fairview on May 6, 2023 have both been LIFTED. M.D. of Fairview No. 136 Fire: Held – The Evacuation Advisory issued for residents in the immediate vicinity of the fire between Range Road 25 and Range Road 32 north of Township Road 824 REMAINS IN EFFECT.

Evacuation Orders and Alerts Lifted

UPDATE – May 6, 2023 at 7:20 p.m.

The evacuation order and alert issued for the fire within the boundaries of the Town of Fairview have been LIFTED. The fire is currently UNDER CONTROL.

Evacuees are now able to return to their residences, but are advised to remain vigilant and to monitor Facebook and/or website for further updates.

For further information, please contact 1 780 835 1182.

Evacuation Orders and Alerts

A second wildfire has been ignited within Town of Fairview Boundaries in the area of the Jehovah’s Witness Church in the northeast corner of the Town of Fairview.


A second wildfire has been ignited within Town of Fairview Boundaries in the area of the Jehovah’s Witness Church in the northeast corner of the Town of Fairview.

All residents in the immediate vicinity evacuate immediately. This includes:

– Country View Estates (106 street and 118 avenue)

– Fairview Golf Course

– Cummings Lake Trail


An evacuation ALERT is being issued for residents:

108 avenue in the Town of Fairview from 113 street to 108 street; AND

– 109th avenue and 110th avenue AND

– Northview Estates.

Be prepared to evacuate to Dunvegan Motor Inn.

Take all necessary precautions and follow directions of local authorities.

For more information or immediate assistance call 1 780 835 1182.

Updates will be posted on Social Media or our Website


The Town of Fairview Parks staff will begin boulevard-sweeping residential areas within the next week, weather dependent.

If you DO NOT wish to have your area swept, please visibly mark off your grass or place a sign sizable enough for crews to see on your grass.

Updates to which areas the sweepers will be completed will be updated on social media and our website daily.

Today (May 3, 2023) sweepers will be working on the sections at FHS grounds and along 101 Ave; please stay back a minimum of 30 m from working machines


Cummings Lake Trail – Moose in Area

The Town of Fairview with Fish & Wildlife have been made aware of multiple moose bedding in the Cummings Lake Trail area. Fish & Wildlife are actively trying to relocate the animals and will continue to monitor the area to ensure these animals move along there way away from the rural area. Please use extreme caution in the trail area and DO NOT approach these animals. Call the Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

Release from Fish and Wildlife :

Urban Moose Information

Natural areas that form a part of a wildlife corridor exist in our communities, with many species travelling through at any given time. While many animals have readily adapted to life in the city, it is important to know what to do when you encounter them.

• Normally, moose are not aggressive; however, a moose that is stressed, a bull moose in the fall rut, or a cow moose protecting her young may be easily provoked into an attack, which is a risk to individual and public safety.

• Keep children and animals inside until the moose has moved on.

• To help prevent a possible confrontation, do not allow your dog to harass the moose and do not try to scare the moose off by yelling or throwing things.

• Do not try to scare off moose by yelling or throwing things.

• If a moose is in your yard, ensure escape routes are kept clear, don’t close gates or block its escape and ensure the curtains are drawn on patio doors and large windows so the moose doesn’t mistake them for escape routes.

• If the moose is blocking a route you need, try to find another way around or wait for it to leave. Moose can be attracted to willow bushes and shrubbery in residential areas.

• If you are charged by a moose, run away and try to find a car, tree or building to hide behind.

• Be mindful of movement on the sides of the road at these times. If you have a passenger, ask them to watch for moose and other wildlife.

• If you see a moose ahead of you while driving, slow down, be alert for more animals and be prepared to stop.

Tranquilizing and relocating multiple large ungulates such as moose is reserved for cases of extreme public safety concerns

• By taking simple precautions, Albertans can reduce the risk of human-wildlife conflict in urban settings. (More info here:

If a moose is posing a risk to public safety or has difficulty returning to the wild because of roads, buildings or other significant barriers, contact Fish and Wildlife on the Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.