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Aquatic Centre Update

The Fairview Regional Aquatic Centre Management Staff are planning and preparing to reopen the facility, with no specific timeline yet. This process includes assessing and implementing the guidelines that were released with Phase 2 announcements while determining the most feasible timelines and conditions for reopening of this facility.

To complicate matters further this is a shared facility with a third party so another party are involved in this process. This third party has chosen not to reopen their facility at this time hence requiring further changes in staffing and procedures within our organization.

Once all new procedures, training, rehire of staff and equipment are in place only then will Council decide if it makes sense to authorize the reopening of this facility. As well Health Inspections must take place to assure we are compliant and determine appropriate permissions.

Safety is our top priority. We are working hard to put a plan in place that balances our desire to reopen as soon as reasonably possible while also carefully planning how to best implement provincial health orders and directives in order to protect the health and safety of the public and our employees, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On behalf of our entire Aquatic Staff we wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your continued support and patience as we navigate this transition. We look forward to seeing you all soon again and will continue to update as we move forward.

You can expect to see the following changes once the pool reopens:

  • Lifeguards will be wearing masks at all times. In the event of a rescue response the lifeguards will be also be donning a Disposable Gown, Gloves, Visors and Protective Footwear. Due to new safety protocols the lifeguards will now be using Bag Valve Masks for all CPR procedures.
  • The maximum number of patrons permitted will be 30 (20 for Aqua Classes).
  • All lane swims and public rental bookings must be booked with reception one day prior to attendance, these booked swims will be based on times (30 minutes to one hour only).
  • No locker availability, all patrons must carry belongings onto the deck for the duration of their visit.
  • No sharing of equipment, you must bring your own if required.
  • Limited shower availability, patrons will have to wait until other users have finished, be prepared for waits at reception for this requirement.
  • Social Distancing will always be practised throughout the facility, please obey all distancing and directional signage.
  • Sanitizing schedules will include complete facility cleaning in between swim bookings and programming which will be result in shortened swim time allowances.
  • Lifeguards will be requesting that cohort families social distance from other families and individuals in the pool.
  • All patrons entering the facility will be asked their name and phone number for contact tracing purposes only.
  • All patrons entering the facility will also be asked to complete COVID-19 symptom related questions and have temperatures read before gaining entry.
  • Current health restrictions do not allow the hot tub, water slide, climbing wall or sky walker to be open.

Please note we must have separate entry and exit for all users so we will not be permitting any cross traffic at the reception area and the viewing area will not be open to the public. You must gain entry at the reception area, when your swim is complete you will exit through the viewing area (you will not be permitted to shower after swimming) and out through the activity room doors. This access change allows for social distancing measures as set by Alberta Health Services (one point of entry and separate exit point).

Programming and the above noted details will change only if AHS requirements change within the Phased Progressive Relaunch Guidelines.

Boil Water Advisory Issued

UPDATE 09-Aug-2020 5:00 PM – Repairs were completed shortly after the problem was detected and many tests have been run by our Public Works staff throughout the town to test the chlorine levels in the water, which appear to be acceptable. However, due to an abundance of caution, it was determined by the appropriate officials to declare a precautionary boil water advisory. Due to couriers and testing facilities not being open today, it is expected that the advisory will remain on until Wednesday. Please continue to follow all advisory information until such time that the advisory is lifted.

UPDATE: Once repairs are completed, a water sample is sent for testing and then AHS must authorize the lifting of the advisory. We are currently estimating that the advisory should be lifted by Wednesday.

Due to the failure of equipment responsible for chlorinating our water, inadequate chlorine disinfection may result. A precautionary boil water advisory has been issued for water from the Fairview Water Treatment plant. This includes all water users within the Town of Fairview, the Hamlet of Bluesky, the Fairview Water Co-op and the truck fill stations in Fairview and Bluesky.

Please check the following links for information on what this means for you:

Information for Businesses

Request for Proposals – ED 08-07-20

The Fairview Economic Development committee is seeking proposals from Social Marketing companies to provide local businesses with multiple marketing products and education. Click on the PDF below for the complete RFP specifications and submission requirements.


Submission Deadline: All submissions must be recieved no later than 4:00 pm on August 7, 2020

Inquires Regarding the RFP:

Daryl Greenhill

Chief Administrative Officer

Town of Fairview

Phone: 780-835-5461

Fairview Regionalization Study

Fairview Regionalization Study Your opinion matters to us…We would like to hear from our residents, farm operators, community organizations and businesses throughout this process.

We are embarking on this study in hopes of finding areas where we may be able to operate more efficiently and effectively collectively rather than separately. Quite simply we need to find different/new ways to deliver the programs and services you and the community have come to expect from the Town of Fairview & M.D. of Fairview No. 136

Please take a moment and complete the Stakeholder Survey, click the picture to be forwarded to the website.

Public Workshops

August 6, 2020
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location: Dunvegan Inn and Suites

If you are interested in attending the Public Workshops for further discussion, click the picture to be forwarded to the website and enter your RSVP information to secure your attendance.

2020 Fall/Winter Community Guide Submissions

The 2020 Fall/Winter Community Guide is slated to have an early September 2020 launch. For those that are interested in promoting in this edition, the deadline for submissions will be August 10, 2020.
Please submit your camera ready ads as a hi-res PDF or .jpg. If you are submitting files and ad copy to have your advertisement designed by our designer, please ensure your photos are attached as separate files as hires .jpgs, and ensure your ad copy is clear and legible.
FULL PAGE 7”x9.5” HALF PAGE 7”x4.625” or 3.375” x 9.5” 1/4 PAGE 3.375”x4.625
Email Caroline Cleave:

The 2020 Fall/Winter Community Guide is slated to have an early September 2020 launch. For those that are interested in promoting in this edition, the deadline for submissions will be August 10, 2020. Distribution for this publication will be 3500. Below is a description of the options and pricing available.

Find the guide online at

Click on the Community Guide Link to view previous editions

10 pages are full color

 2 issues per year

 Spring/Summer   &   Fall/Winter

RATES per Issue

                                                     Non-Profit Group                     

Back Page Colour                           $500

Colour Page                                     $300

¼ Page Black and White                   $40                              

½ Page (B & W)                                 $75                                 

Full Page ( B & W)                            $140                       

All prices + GST

Page size   8” X 10”

One line NO CHARGE for Non-Profit organizations that wish to just have their contact information available.

If you are interested in promoting your organization in the “In and Around Fairview” Programs and Services Community Guide, please contact me.

Caroline Cleave

Director of Community Services

Work:  780-835-5461

Fax:  780-835-3576


Have your voice heard and share in the development of a Go-Forward plan that will drive growth and prosperity in the Fairview region!

Consumer Surveys are the first step in that journey!  Your input will help the Stakeholder Group understand the current spending habits of Fairview consumers, specifically what products are being purchased locally, out of town, and online.  

Data collected from the Consumer Surveys will help the Stakeholder Group identify gaps in products and services in the Fairview region and uncover the BEST economic development opportunities for the Fairview area.