Public Hearing & Bylaw Consultation

Public Hearings are held to give stakeholders and the general public an opportunity to convey their views before the Town Council brings forward a bylaw and some amendments to vote.

Bylaws presented for the public hearing process will be posted on this page, outlining the hearing details and submission information.

More Information

  • Statutory Public Hearings are legislated under the Municipal Government Act to allow public input regarding proposed land use bylaws or resolutions.
  • Non-Statutory Public Hearings are provided at the discretion of the municipality to allow the community an opportunity to obtain information or provide comment regarding planning applications or bylaws that may affect residents. Some examples of bylaws that have significant effect on citizens are animal or traffic control.
  • Residents are encouraged to provide feedback or participate in Public Hearings to ensure Council receives all perspectives from the public. Residents can participate in Public Hearings in one of the following ways:
    • email written submissions;
    • drop-off submissions to the Administration Office;
    • mail written submissions to the Town of Fairview;
    • request to appear live via remote access; or
    • attend the Public Hearing in person in the Council Chamber.

Submission/request deadlines will be provided below under "Upcoming Public Hearings".

Please note that only one submission will be accepted per person, either written or verbal, and that any information provided, including letters, emails, or in person appearances, become part of the public record and may be published in a Council agenda package which is posted on the Town website for public viewing.

Submissions and requests can be made electronically using the online form button below:

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