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Bylaws, Policies & Plans

A selection of frequently requested bylaws is included below. For all bylaws, please visit or contact the Administration Office to let us know what you are looking for.

1079GEN2022 Enforcement and penalties – Amendment 2022
1 51 downloads
Animal, Bylaws, Enforcement October 7, 2022
Bylaw 1077/AC/2022 Animal & Responsible Pet Ownership
1 28 downloads
Animal, Bylaws October 6, 2022
Bylaw Complaint Form
1 26 downloads
Animal, Bylaws, Enforcement, Request for Service September 2, 2022
Dog Barking Complaint / Tracking Form
1 132 downloads
Animal, Bylaws, Enforcement November 10, 2021
1073/AC/2021 – Wildlife Feeding Bylaw
1 131 downloads
Animal, Bylaws, Enforcement October 8, 2021
1065/AC/2021 – Urban Hen Pilot Project
1 162 downloads
Animal, Bylaws May 10, 2021

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