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Bylaws, Policies & Plans

A selection of frequently requested bylaws is included below. For all bylaws, please visit or contact the Administration Office to let us know what you are looking for.

Intermunicipal Development Plan (Town of Fairview and MD of Fairview)
1 file(s) 12 downloads
Development / Land Use September 3, 2019
1040/LUO/2018 – Cannabis Retail Facilities
1 file(s) 8 downloads
Bylaws, Development / Land Use June 19, 2018
1039/LUO/2018 – Land Use Amendment: Cannabis Definitions and Mixed Commercial Residential
1 file(s) 11 downloads
Bylaws, Development / Land Use June 5, 2018
1003/DP/2013 – Municipal Development Plan
1 file(s) 3 downloads
Development / Land Use October 1, 2013
984/LUO/2012 – Land Use
1 file(s) 51 downloads
Bylaws, Development / Land Use November 6, 2012

Development Legal Framework

Canadian Constitution Federal Law Provincial Law Municipal Government Act (MGA) Municipal Bylaws Municipal Policies

Canadian Legal Framework