Water Maintenance

106 Ave between 113 Street and 115 Street may cause water service interruptions May 28, 2024. Local Traffic Only.

Located east of Hwy 2 along 91 Ave

The FIRE BAN for the Town of Fairview remains in place.

Keep up-to-date on Fire Ban status by downloading the Voyent Alert? to mobile devices and by visiting


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Assessment Notice is for 2024, not 2001.

The January 30, 2024 mailout will be re-sent with correct date for 2024.

Did not receive a notice?

Please call the Town Office at 780-835-5461

The assessment notices were mailed on January 30th, 2024.  Tax notices will be mailed out in May. If you did not receive your assessment notice, please call the Town Office, and request a notice, if you are on our portal, please check the portal for your notice.  All non-linear assessment complaints for the Town of Fairview along with the applicable fees are due by April 8th, 2024.  An assessment complaint must be filled out using the Government of Alberta Assessment Review Board Complaint Form (LGS1402).  This form can be provided to you by the Town of Fairview office or you can download it from the Municipal Affairs website at www.municipalaffairs.alberta.ca

Assessments are based on market value as of July 1, 2023.  You may appeal the assessed value of your property, but not the tax rate.  For information about your assessment, please contact the Town’s assessors:

KCL Consulting Inc online at www.kcl-consulting.com/inquiry-form/ .

Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our community. As we embark on a journey to support and enhance the housing landscape in Fairview, Alberta, we recognize the significance of understanding your needs and aspirations. We are seeking your insights on the current housing situation, community amenities and community events that matter most to you. Your responses will contribute to the development of a comprehensive housing strategy to help pave the way for a vibrant and sustainable future. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts – together, we can build a Fairview that thrives and flourishes for generations to come.

The survey will be open for responses until February 28th, 2024.