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The Town of Fairview Development Department: Assisting You with the Permit Process

If you are considering a commercial development or building a house, garage, shed, deck, or fire pit, making additions to your property, or even installing signage in the beautiful Town of Fairview; it is essential to familiarize yourself with the necessary regulations and requirements. The Town of Fairview Development department is here to guide you through this process with their expert knowledge and assistance.

Understanding the Land Use Bylaw Regulations

The Land Use Bylaw 1064/LUO/2021 regulations are crucial in ensuring that all construction and development within the Town of Fairview meets specific standards and guidelines. The Development department is pleased to provide you with a comprehensive explanation of these regulations and how they can be applied to your specific project.

The Importance of a Development Permit

Before you commence any construction or installation, obtaining a development permit from the Town of Fairview is vital. This permit serves as official approval from the municipality for your project, ensuring that it aligns with the town's zoning and building codes, does not conflict with surrounding users, and meets the appropriate set-back distances specific to each Land Use District.

A Variety of Projects Requiring Permits

The Town of Fairview requires a development permit for various projects, including:

  • Building a house
  • Constructing a garage and/or decks
  • Commercial Developments
  • Installing a large shed, gazebo, accessory building etc.
  • Making additions to existing structures
  • Installing signage

Building permits are not required for minor repairs and replacements that do not affect the structural integrity of a building, including:

  • Re-insulating or adding insulation
  • Window or door replacement providing the opening is not enlarged
  • Repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures
  • Re-roofing, except where structural work is involved
  • Minor exterior repairs

To confirm whether or not a project requires development and building permits, contact us and choose the development option.

Expert Assistance from the Development Department

The Development department is available to assist you throughout the entire permit process. They can provide guidance on the necessary documentation, the application procedure, and any specific requirements that may be applicable to your project. Their expertise ensures that your construction or installation adheres to the regulations, avoiding any potential issues in the future.

By working closely with the Town of Fairview Development department, you can confidently navigate the permit process with ease, ensuring a smooth and successful completion of your project.

Development Permits

A development permit is an essential requirement for most forms of development within the Town. It serves as a regulatory process that ensures the proper planning and management of land use activities.

The Town's Land Use Bylaw plays a vital role in outlining the specific types of development permitted in each land use district, as well as the corresponding rules and regulations governing those uses.

It is important to note that not all proposed development projects necessitate a development permit. For instance, smaller structures like sheds and fences may not require such permits. To determine whether your specific development project falls under this category, Section 15 of the Land Use Bylaw provides a comprehensive list of developments exempted from the requirement of a development permit.

However, for absolute clarity and certainty, it is highly recommended to confirm with the Town whether your proposed development requires a permit. This step will help you avoid any potential misunderstandings or complications down the line.

How to Apply for a Development Permit

  • Search your address on our development map. Find your property’s land use district.
  • Check the Land Use Bylaw regulations.

Tip: You can contact the Development & Planning department for a pre-application discussion.

Land Use Bylaw
  • Complete a Development Permit Application Form

Tip: Fee Schedule for the Town of Fairview Development Application is listed on the application form. Contact the Town of Fairview Development Department to process your fee payment.

Permit Application Form
#101, 10209-109 Street (Provincial Building), Fairview, Alberta Canada, T0H 1L0
Town of Fairview, PO Box 730, Fairview, AB, T0H 1L0
  • Send your completed application form and all required application items to Development Permits by submitting through our Contact form.
  • Or you can submit your completed forms and items, or any related questions to the Fairview CAO by emailing
Contact Us

Note: This step is not completed by the Town of Fairview and all forms and communication is handled by Superior Safety Codes Inc.; Completed permits and inspection information may be required to comply with Town of Fairview Development regulations.

Tip: use the provided checklist below to make sure you have all the required application items.


What Happens Next?

Once received, Town staff will review your application to see if any required information is missing. Following this, staff will review the application against the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw and other relevant policies and plans. During this stage, they may ask for revisions. Approved permits will be emailed out. Contact Us if you have any questions.

If the requested development permit requires approval due to Discretionary use or variance parameters, the permit will then be presented to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for approval.


Payment can be made online through the Customer Service Portal, over the phone with credit card or in person at the Town of Fairview Administration Office using cheque, cash, debit or credit card.

As per legislation, the Development officer shall determine whether the application is complete or incomplete within 20 days from the receipt of an application for a development permit.

The decision must be made on a development permit application within 40 days from the receipt of the original application if the development officer did not issue a notice of complete or incomplete application.

If the development is Permitted Use under the Land Use Bylaw 1064/LUO/2021, it is effective once approved.

If the development is a Discretionary Use or requires a Variance Request, it is effective 21 days after its issuance, unless an appeal has been lodged with the SDAB.

Please note that typically once you have paid for your permit, it may take up to 5 business days to get a Residential Permit Application approved however most non-discretionary/variance applications are processed within 2 days; and up to 7 days for a discretionary/variance permit application to be processed with the required meeting of the Municipal Planning Commission. Your approval and permit number will be emailed to you once approved.

Development permits do expire. Active work must be started within 365 days from the date of issuance.

Buyer beware! Make sure you ask for permits on the home you are considering. If you purchase it and then need to get permits, you may end up paying more and be responsible for deficiencies that need to be corrected after the inspection.

When you prepare to sell your home, the realtor is likely to ask for permits for finished basements, hot tubs, sheds etc. If you need to get the permits in order to sell your house, there may be extra costs if you need to remove drywall so inspectors can see the wiring, plumbing, etc.

It could take up to 16 weeks to receive notification from Land Titles of a new home purchase. However, it you wish to apply for a permit before the Town of Fairview has received notification from Land Titles please submit a copy of your Statement of Adjustments in order to avoid delays.

Making an insurance claim could be a challenge if you have uninspected work done in/on your home. We recommend contacting your insurance company for further information. Obtaining a permit ensures the work done in your home is safe and complies with the Alberta Building Code.

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